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I’m passionate about helping people to be the best version of themselves! My role is to help you build a career aligned with your talents, values and driven by what motivates you to ensure you reach your potential. When you are doing something that matches all of these things, most likely you will enjoy but also excel at it. We spend so much of our life working, it would be a shame not to spend it doing something you love. 


I’m Claire

I’ve helped thousands of executives and students from leading business schools across Europe to take the next step in their careers; from switching to a completely new career to enhancing their current path. If you would like to discuss in detail how I could help you, please contact me to set up a no obligation discussion about how we can work together.

What I Do

I work with talented professionals at all levels to help them make choices about their careers that are aligned to their talents, values and skills. Using a range of tools, I will help you identify the best next step in your career and then provide practical ways to achieve that.

There are various packages depending on your desired goals.




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