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My passion is for helping others be the best they can be! I’ve helped thousands of people working out one of the biggest questions ‘what now?’ in their careers using a combination of career tools, coaching and RTT. 

12 years ago, after a career in Marketing & Communications, which had it’s share of ups and downs, I wondered if there wasn’t more that I could be doing with my life and something that was more suited to my unique talents. After using many of the same tools that I use with my clients, I embarked on a journey that consisted of a new education – a MSc in Business Psychology, coaching certification and many hours of practice to become a Career Coach. Since then, I have worked at leading business schools working with a range of business students from entry level master students to executives who have had 20 years of experience, all looking to ensure that their careers are fulfilling.

We spend so much of our lives at work, shouldn’t we be fullfilled with how we spend that time? And if we are not, it not only affects that part of our life but many more aspects of our life. Life is too short! Make a change for the better now!


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